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2020 Wild Wisdom and Other Spaces for Education

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22 diciembre 2020
Lina Marcela Moreno Marín is 12 years old and already an active entomologist at Tolima’s butterfly farm. While she completes seventh grade at the American School of Ibagué, she is also studying a course on environmental education and represents the Environmental Committee for the Defense of Life in her city. She was one of six finalists in this year's national edition of Wild Wisdom, WWF's competition that finds the children and young people who know the most about biodiversity in the world.
Despite the challenges that virtual education poses for teachers and students, we managed to realize the second version of this competition in Colombia, this time in a digital format that connected more than 7,000 young people across the country with our protected areas and the wealth they safeguard. A total of 122 teachers involved their schools—located in 71 municipalities in 21 departments—and made this initiative possible.
Samuel Velasquez Fajardo, 14, from Florencia, Caquetá, and Sara Sophia Aguilar, 13, from Medellin, Antioquia, competed against students from India, Nepal, and Hong Kong in the competition’s international final.
Our bet on sharing spaces with young people and other stakeholders also took us this year to the department of Antioquia, where we accompanied the governorate in more than 50 municipalities with 100 environmental education initiatives. In total, 22,000 people were directly impacted by these initiatives aimed at a common purpose: to be united for the planet. This alliance seeks to respond, through concrete actions, to the state of climate emergency declared in Antioquia in February of this year.