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2020: The 20 of 2020, New Voices for the Planet

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22 diciembre 2020
Without even suspecting that we would live through a pandemic, we were already preparing for a strategic year for nature. 2020, regarded as the "super year," was going to be decisive on international agendas. We therefore had to get the attention of the greatest possible number of people around the world to join forces and encourage countries to make strong decisions to stop temperature rise and biodiversity loss. 

And for this purpose, one of our biggest bets was to promote a new deal for nature and people to ensure the planet’s balance and therefore the well-being and health of people. Achieving this required garnering support from leaders who could inform, motivate, and mobilize large audiences, awakening the sense of urgency that our planet needs.

This is how “The 20 of 2020”, a group of young Latin American influencers came about—including singers, actors, presenters, and youtubers—eager to spread messages about nature conservation, sustainability, and the need to reduce our consumption footprint. In 2020, we expected to have a great policy impact through their participation in climate change and biodiversity COPs, as well as in the United Nations General Assembly, but Covid-19 changed everything. From their homes and in confinement, they supported us by spreading messages related to the health of the planet, carrying out campaigns and challenges, and signing petitions through their powerful social media.

They hosted events in which we reached approximately 180,000 people and participated in two external events: The United Nations’ Strengthening and Transforming Local and Global #FoodSystems global live event and Campus Party Latam.

Their support has allowed us to expand and reach new audiences. Out of their 151 million followers, 71 million are on Instagram, their preferred social network. This means that a joint action on Instagram can impact 17 million people (influencers like ours, most of whom exceed one million followers, have an estimated reach per publication of at least 24%).

“The 20 of 2020” embarked on a journey with us to learn about science and understand the relationships—not obvious to most—that link nature to food, air, water, clothing, and everything that generates wellbeing. Beyond simply training them, we have shared with them information with affection, humor, and simplicity, achieving products with educational value that can be shared with numerous audiences, such as animated videos about climate change, biodiversity, and the New Deal for Nature and People (ND4NP). On our part, we the Pandas have shifted paradigms and learned from the 20 of 2020 new generational and digital languages. We have also "co-created" messages that can be told and transmitted in unconventional ways that connect with younger audiences.