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Big Wins 2019: Savannahs and Grasslands

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23 diciembre 2019
We are positioning the Orinoco savannahs and grasslands as an important and critical. As part of this effort, together with partners, we are recuperated livestock production practices that can be compatible with nature conservation. 

In Latin America, the Orinoco savannahs and grasslands in area are second only to those of the Brazilian Cerrado. The conservation of  this natural treasure needs to consider three issues: biodiversity, climate change and food production. In 2019, we supported the creation of the OSIL (Orinoquia Sustainable Integrated Landscapes) program which seeks to build plans that incorporate these three issues to define where and how agriculture and livestock production should be developed.  This program will be carried out over the next 5 years in a GEF Project together with the World Bank, aiming to promote production practices that benefit biodiversity and carbon storage in grassland ecosystems. }

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In support of this initiative, in cooperation with the Horizonte Verde Foundation we have published a manual on climate-smart livestock practices that can benefit biodiversity and preserve the llanero culture.