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Big Wins 2019: Oceans

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23 diciembre 2019
Regulating fishing activities is one of the main marine resource conservation challenges facing Colombia. WWF Colombia has worked hand in hand with local communities to reduce by-catch, promote regulations for fishing procedures, set minimum catch sizes and closed seasons for certain species and ensure fair trade conditions in the fishing sector.

© Luis Zapata

Together with the national fisheries authority, AUNAP, WWF is developing  recommendations for improving species conservation and sustainable use in commercial and recreational marine fishing in the Colombian Pacific and Caribbean.  Thousands of families depend on fisheries especially in the Pacific region as the main livelihood.

© Rodrigo Baos 
This year we developed a series of technical proposals for regulating fishing in the Exclusive Artisanal Fishing Zone -ZEPA- in Chocó and the Cabo Manglares, Bajo Mira y Frontera and Yurupari National Integrated Management Districts. Additionally, we worked on creating a piangua value chain to regulate this species’ national sales and exchange with Ecuador and Peru.