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WWF began its work in Colombia in 1964. In 1993 a Programme Office was formed which today focuses on the Northern Andes and the Chocó Biogeographic. Recently, WWF Colombia also started work in the Orinoco basin.


De 2005 a 2015, el 43% de la pérdida de bosque en la Amazonia se ubicó a menos de 1 km de una carretera, según Ideam.

The government of Colombia launched the first guidelines to develop green road infrastructure

These are the Green Road Infrastructure Guidelines (GRI), a series of environmental, social and engineering consideration that guide the development ...

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Los 20 del 20

2020: The 20 of 2020, New Voices for the Planet

Without even suspecting that we would experience a pandemic, we were preparing for a strategic year in favor of nature. 2020, considered the “super ...

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Monitoreo trinacional del jaguar y sus presas en el corredor Napo-Putumayo de la Amazonia

2020: Monitoring the Jaguar in the Amazon

After following in the footsteps of the jaguar for more than two years, through camera traps in a territory on the Amazon border of Colombia, Ecuador ...

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Investigadores de la Iniciativa de De la Iniciativa de Delfines de Río de Suramérica

2020: A Big Step in the Conservation of South American River Dolphins

Thanks to the work of the South American River Dolphin Initiative (SARDI), made up of the organizations Faunagua, Fundación Omacha, Mamirauá, Solinia ...

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Capacitación en prevención de incendios forestales

2020: Environmental Explorers in the Times of a Pandemic

Groups of local leaders work actively to avoid deforestation and prevent forest fires in the heart of the Colombian Amazon, with the support of WWF, ...

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Parque Nacional Natural Chiribiquete

2020 Protected Areas and Peace

We pay tribute to all the leaders who, in the most risky conditions, continue to fight for the defense of their territories and the country's ...

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Unidos por el planeta

2020: United for the Planet

At the beginning of the year, a state of climatic emergency was declared in the department of Antioquia, and in response to this challenge Unidos por ...

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Planeta Tierra

2020: A Commitment in Favor of the Planet

This year we live a historic moment. Within the framework of the United Nations General Assembly, and less than two weeks after the launch of the ...

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