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WWF began its work in Colombia in 1964. In 1993 a Programme Office was formed which today focuses on the Northern Andes and the Chocó Biogeographic. Recently, WWF Colombia also started work in the Orinoco basin.


Capacitación en prevención de incendios forestales a mediados de junio de 2020, en cuarentena por coronavirus y con todos los protocolos de bioseguridad.

In Covid- 19 times, community leaders keep working to conserve the Amazon

While the world is paralyzed by Covid-19, the group of environmental monitors "Friends of the Forest" has resumed its work to prevent wildfires ...

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PNN Cocuy

Our ambition in 2020?

2020 is uniquely suited to create an environmental movement and we will make every effort to fight for the adoption of key measures to change our ...

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Big Wins 2019: honors and awards

We are also celebrating important honors given to members of the WWF team, and results achieved with partners. Our Director of Conservation and ...

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Big Wins 2019: Inclusive Conservation

Acknowledging the role that local communities play in conservation processes is the first step to secure the equilibrium of natural areas.

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La Aurora, Casanare. Colombia.

Big Wins 2019: Savannahs and Grasslands

We are positioning the Orinoco savannahs and grasslands as an important and critical. As part of this effort, together with partners, we are ...

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Final concurso Sabiduría Salvaje en el Parque Jaime Duque

Big Wins 2019: Education

Young people are playing an ever greater role to build more sustainable and just societies. They are increasingly leading the charge to position ...

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Alternativas productivas

Big Wins 2019: Sustainable Development Alternatives

We firmly believe that the long term and effective conservation of our natural wealth depends on the wellbeing of local communities and their access ...

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Cabo Manglares

Big Wins 2019: Oceans

Regulating fishing activities is one of the main marine resource conservation challenges facing Colombia. WWF Colombia has worked hand in hand with ...

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