Now is the moment for all of us to join our voices and commitments in a New Agreement for Nature and People that highlights the importance of nature in all its ambits, strengthens and increases actions to protect it, and shines a light on the path we want present and future generations to take. This is precisely the objective of Bibo, an awareness and environmental education campaign launched by WWF-Colombia and El Espectador nine years ago. In its 2019-2020 edition, the campaign reinvents itself and presents a logo inspired in nature’s diversity.


Why talk about human wellbeing and biodiversity?



How much do we know about biodiversity?


What is our current situation?


Six voices that demonstrate that nature is everything

“Our jam is folklore, music that comes from birdsong. Maracas are the sound of rivers, drums come from trees, and our rhythms are offerings to nature.” 

Simón Mejía, bassist and founder of the band Bomba Estéreo

“Beyond the traditional concept of food as that which human beings eat and drink for subsistence, therei s a deeper meaning in the creation of identity and a sense of belonging, or to social and cultural construction in a country like Colombia. It can represent development and social wellbeing.” 

Leonor Espinosa, chef

“I believe that nature produces all the things we know, whether abstract or concrete. Basul, armadillos, novels, planets, symphonies. It was she who produced the concrete, bricks, and glass for the windows of apartments and the city.” 

Tomás González, writer from Antioquia

“The sea is my second home. It is not only my job, but also the place where I realize my dreams. If I do not take care of it, I have nothing. All of life supports itself on oceans, and that is something that we must help people understand.” 

Sofía Gómez, Apneist

“The destruction of the environment is an even more evident reality, which reminds me of a poem by Nicanor Parra. It almost says it all: Good news: the earth will recover in a million years. It is us who will disappear.” 

Alejandro Gaviria, former Minister of Health

“To design is to have the opportunity of finishing with my own hands the work that nature began. My job is simply an extension of the wonders of nature made possible by the fibers and raw materials it provides me.”

Lia Samantha, Colombian designer