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WWF began its work in Colombia in 1964. In 1993 a Programme Office was formed which today focuses on the Northern Andes and the Chocó Biogeographic. Recently, WWF Colombia also started work in the Orinoco basin.


HECO is trying to mobilize resources and increase the program´s capacity in landscape scenarios in protected areas in Colombia. Its mission is to reinforce the scope for action post 2020.

Colombia Heritage: the country´s big bet for a new deal in favour of the wellbeing of nature and people

The program Colombia Heritage played a leading role in putting forth an efficient, full-fledged strategy to address the country´s commitments in ...

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Cinaruco, Arauca. Colombia

The 332,000 hectares of the Cinaruco floodable grasslands in Colombia have been declared a new protected area

​The fact that Cinaruco has been declared a protected area is the result of local communities working hand-in-hand with the Alliance for the ...

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Anzuelos tipo j Pacífico Colombia

Iscuandé fishermen commit themselves to a more sustainable trade.

The Las Varas fishing community, in the rural part of the Nariño municipality of Iscuandé, joined in the WWF exchanging of hooks campaign on ...

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WWF-Colombia expresa preocupación por derrame de petróleo en Santander

A través del siguiente comunicado, WWF-Colombia expresa su preocupación por la emergencia ambiental que provocó la falla del pozo petrolero 158 del ...

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Juan Manuel Santos, presidente de Colombia, durante la plenaria de apertura de la 6ª reunión de la plataforma Intergubernamental de Biodiversidad y Servicios Ecosistémicos IPBES, en la ciudad de Medellín que se llevará a cabo del 17 al 24 de marzo.

HECO is presented as an innovative strategy that will guarantee the conservation of Colombia's biodiversity

Colombia is host for the 6th meeting of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), where the status of ...

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La Hora del Planeta 2018 en Medellín, Colombia.

Earth Hour 2018, Colombians made their voice heard for the country’s forests

A record was broken: over 9,000 Colombians took part in the activities organized in 25 towns and cities throughout the country that included bicycle ...

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Organizations from the Americas Join to Conserve the Jaguar

More than 30 representatives from 11 organizations met in Bogota to join efforts aimed at the conservation of this feline. The encounter took place ...

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