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WWF began its work in Colombia in 1964. In 1993 a Programme Office was formed which today focuses on the Northern Andes and the Chocó Biogeographic. Recently, WWF Colombia also started work in the Orinoco basin.


Líderes de comunidades indígenas y campesinas de la Amazonia participaron en un taller de comunicaciones en Bogotá, Colombia

Communications to conserve the Amazon

Leaders from campesino and indigenous communities from the Amazon participated in a communications workshop in Bogota, Colombia. They obtained ...

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Delfín rosado captado durante la expedición científica al Cuyabeno

New count for river dolphins in Cuyabeno, Ecuador

Ecuadorian and Colombian scientists carried out a scientific expedition to estimate the population size of these cetaceans in Ecuador’s northern ...

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Dacnis flaviventer

“Those who like birds no longer want to buy them to keep them in cages; they want to see them in their natural habitat”

Says Luis Germán Naranjo, Director of Conservation and Governance at WWF-Colombia, regarding TRAFFIC’s most recent report, which highlights a ...

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Delfín de río Amazonía

A New Categorization for River Dolphins in IUCN’s Red List

10 years later, the species Inia geoffrensis returns to IUCN’s Red List; this time under the “Endangered” (EN) Category, the second most alarming on ...

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El Parque Regional Miraflores y Picachos es la primera área protegida regional de la Amazonia colombiana.

First regional protected area in Colombian Amazon declared

This declaration further increases WWF’s contribution to the establishment and expansion of protected areas in strategic ecosystems in Colombia. WWF ...

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Conservation in times of peace

​Country people who previously cleared the forest in Bajo Caguán, one of the territories occupied for decades by Colombia’s FARC guerilla in the ...

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HECO is trying to mobilize resources and increase the program´s capacity in landscape scenarios in protected areas in Colombia. Its mission is to reinforce the scope for action post 2020.

Colombia Heritage: the country´s big bet for a new deal in favour of the wellbeing of nature and people

The program Colombia Heritage played a leading role in putting forth an efficient, full-fledged strategy to address the country´s commitments in ...

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