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WWF began its work in Colombia in 1964. In 1993 a Programme Office was formed which today focuses on the Northern Andes and the Chocó Biogeographic. Recently, WWF Colombia also started work in the Orinoco basin.


Ganadería en Colombia

Big Wins 2017: food

According to FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization), Colombia is one of seven countries with the potential to meet the food needs of the world. ...

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La Hora del Planeta 2017 en Medellín, Colombia

Big Wins 2017: Climate and Energy

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, but also the third most vulnerable to climate change, according to the United Nations. ...

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Tortuga Carey

Big Wins 2017: Wildlife

WWF-Colombia is fully committed to the conservation of the country’s species. Among those given priority in the national territory is the Hawksbill ...

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Cabo Manglares, Bajo Mira y Frontera

Big Wins 2017: Oceans

Thanks to the work of organizations like WWF-Colombia and Parques Nacionales Naturales, among others, Colombia took a transcendental step forward ...

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Oriente antioqueño

Big Wins 2017: Freshwater

​The most contentious topics in the national political agenda are emerging in this pre-electoral period, and water has become a protagonist.

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Aerial photograph of clouds and mountains in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain rage of Colombia.

Big Wins 2017: Forests

Colombia is a forest country; forest cover persists in 53% of the national territory. Nevertheless, Colombia faces the challenge of drastically ...

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Cabo Manglares, Bajo Mira y Frontera

New Protected Area Cabo Manglares, Bajo Mira y Frontera to Bolster Conservation of Marine/Coastal Resources

Within the Mira River basin delta (a cross-border basin shared by Colombia & Ecuador) is located the new National Integrated Management District ...

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Portada publicación "Informe Colombia Viva 2017"

WWF-Colombia presents ‘Living Colombia Report – 2017’, the largest compilation and historical analysis of the state of the country's ecosystems

Colombia Viva is especially important in 2017, as we enter an election year and begin to build peace in Colombia.

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